cropped-nickelsfitlogo.jpgNickels Family Involvement Team, F.I.T, exists to support the education of children at Nickels by fostering school spirit and relationships among the school, parents, teachers and the community.

For the school, through donations, FIT can fulfill educational needs above and beyond. For parents, being a part of FIT will enable you to be a valuable partner in your child’s school experience.

FIT is open to any interested parent, guardian, teacher, and school staff member committed to our mission.

Current Board Members

President– Amanda Medalen

Vice President -Devon Stubblefield

Secretary– Kristi Cole

Treasurer– Devon Stubblefield

Volunteer Coordinators– Shaya Ferner, Melissa Brumbellow, Sarah Storey, Tami Passeno

Box Top Coordinator– Tiffany Pojeski

Staff Appreciation Coordinator– Kristin Rhoton

Please contact one of the F.I.T. Members to get involved with an event.  We need your help organizing and coordinating.  Thanks so much!


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